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GeoStar: Amazing Control Software

The RESOlution control software, GeoStar, is widely regarded by many users to be the best and most versatile control software available. It was developed by the scientific software company, Norris Software, which has over fifteen years of programming and interface design, as well as extensive microanalytical experience.

Interface and Features

GeoStar combines a simple and easy-to-use interface with powerful features, keeping the advanced, infrequently-used features hidden, but easily accessible when needed. It strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, powerful features and intuitive design. Read More »

Import Images from External Sources

Navigating samples with GeoStar is greatly simplified by the advanced image importing feature. This allows for high-resolution images to be imported from any source into GeoStar and used to locate ablation points. Read More »

Powerful PC Control with Remote Access

Because computers require regular upgrades to maintain their performance, RESOlution instruments are driven by a powerful Windows 7 PC. A standard PC system brings many advantages, including the ability to use remote access software. Read More »

Define Points Offline or Import Them from Other Instruments

Laboratories with a high workload will benefit immensely from the offline version of GeoStar, allowing users to specify points and paths offline using high-resolution imagery. The online version of GeoStar is also able to import sequence geometry from a range of sources including previous analytical sessions on the RESOlution instrument. Read More »

Feature Image

All of our ablation cells support a range of high-quality sample holders for mounting your specimens. Read More »

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