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What is Fluence?

Isotopic Analysis of Natural Inorganic Samples by LA-ICP-MS

By Jan Kosler1 and Rebecca Lam2
Short course ST-12 presented at Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Tuscon, Arizona, January 8, 2012
1Centre for Geobiology and Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Norway; www.uib.no/geobio
2MAFIIC, Inco Innovation Center, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; www.mun.ca/creait/maf

A Beginner's Guide to ICP-MS

By Robert Thomas, Spectroscopy Online.


ICP-MS article.

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The S155 cell builds on the successful M50A and expands the stage area six-fold while still maintaining the most demanding performance specifications. Designed exclusivly by Laurin Technic, the S155 is based on decades of LA-ICP-MS experience. Read More »

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