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S155 Sample Cell

The S155 sample cell is the premium large format-cell for LA-ICP-MS analysis. With a large stage movement of 155 x 105mm, the cell is spacious enough to accommodate up to twenty 25mm (1″) rounds, or nine 25 x 50mm (1 x 2″) thin sections. Various specialized sample holders are available to fit a wide range of sample sizes and types.

The fundamental dual-volume design of the S155 is similar to the M50, yet the engineering of the stage movement is considerably different. A pair of high precision vacuum-grade linear slides are provided by Feinmess to drive the sample holder within the cell. Despite the large range of movement, the reproducibility of this stage is directly comparable to that of the M50 and is rated at ±4µm.

Improvements to the dual-volume design allow the S155 to operate at significantly reduced helium flow rates, greatly saving on laboratory gas consumption. The cell is cleaned and baked prior to installation, and can be easily dismantled on site for cleaning and maintenance.

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