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Ablation Cells

The S155 and M50A Ablation Cells

For conventional LA-ICP-MS the RESOlution offers two sample cells, the M50A and the S155, and both cells are built to an advanced dual-volume design. The larger S155 stage area is six times greater than the M50A, with no compromise in performance.

Cell Performance

The dual-volume cell's unique design and attention to detail eliminates the limitations of other commercially available cells. It offers excellent uniformity and stability, high sensitivity, and rapid washout. Read More »

The Squid

For some applications, rapid washout is essential, but sometimes it is necessary to apply a controlled amount of smoothing to the signal. To achieve this Laurin Technic supplies "The Squid" with all of its instruments. Easily added or removed as needed, the squid applies the right amount of dispersion to smooth out low repetition rate analysis. Read More »

Sample Holders

Each cell is supplied with a range of sample holders as standard, with specialty designs available by request. These finely-crafted holders feature a range of configurations to suit most analytical samples, and can be customized further as required. Read More »

UHV Cell

Fundamentally different in operation to the other ablation cells, the ultra high vacuum cell is designed for in-situ helium dating. Read More »

Feature Image

The M50A cell provides outstanding analytical abilities. Designed exclusivly by Laurin Technic and based on decades of LA-ICP-MS experience the M50A is widely regarded to be one of the highest-quality laser ablation cells on the market today. Read More »

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