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M50A Sample Cell

The M50A sample cell is an ideal alternative for those laboratories that do not require the size of the S155. The M50A stage area is 50 x 50mm, large enough to hold four 25mm (1″) rounds, or one thin section and two 25mm (1″) rounds. A range of holders is available.

Providing both transmitted and reflected light to view samples, the cell is driven by a high-quality stage from Märzhäuser. Typical stage performance will deliver a reproducibility of ±3µm over the entire range of movement and many hundreds of moves.

Constructed to a very high standard, the M50A cell is guaranteed by Laurin Technic to be leak free and thoroughly clean. The cell is installed after prolonged baking to reduce background mercury levels.

Performance of the M50A cell has been documented and presented in a number of published works. Read More »

The M50A ablation cell is an upgraded version of the M50 cell. Read More »

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