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Outstanding LA-ICP-MS

Thin Film / Surface Analysis / Depth Profiling

An interesting application of LA-ICP-MS is the analysis of thin films, a field with a similar set of requirements as trace element surface analysis and depth profiling. The demands of this application are well met by the RESOlution instrument with features such as:

Large Spot Sizes

Due to their nature, thin films often contain very small amounts of the atom of interest. To compensate for low signal density, the RESOlution instrument allows for the use of very large spot (up to 360µm with the Compex Pro laser) sizes. Read More »

Low Fluence

To remove thin slices of material, the laser fluence needs to be set very low. The RESOlution laser optics allow for arbitrary attenuation, supporting very low fluence settings without loss of pulse-to-pulse stability.

Shot Control

The control software allows complete control over ablation parameters. It is possible to fire a set number of shots at an arbitrary repetition rate, including low frequencies (down to 0.01Hz) and with a resolution of 0.01Hz.

Excellent Stability

Testing shows that the pulse-to-pulse stability of the RESOlution instrument is as good as that of the laser source. The stability figures quoted are provided by the manufacturer, and can be regarded as conservative estimates. Test data show that pulse to pulse energy stability of the RESOlution instrument can be better than 1%RSD.

Feature Image

All of our ablation cells support a range of high-quality sample holders for mounting your specimens. Read More »

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