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Outstanding LA-ICP-MS

LA-ICP-MS Research and Development

The field of LA-ICP-MS has been under constant advancement and development for over twenty years. While the technique has matured in many ways, there are still some areas that are being actively developed. Those laboratories working towards improving and expanding the field require the extended set of features found in RESOlution instruments:


The laser optics in RESOlution instruments are easy to access and align. An open approach to laser optics allows researchers to customize or replace the optics to best suit their needs. All of the optics in RESOlution instruments are standard 193nm-coated components. Read More »

Active Software Development

While the control software (GeoStar) is mature and feature-complete, both Norris Software and ASI acknowledge that expanding the abilities of LA-ICP-MS will require commensurate advances in software control. Norris Software is committed to supporting active development in the field of LA-ICP-MS and is always willing to work closely with users to best meet their needs. Read More »

Cell Development

The unique design of RESOlution instruments provides an outstanding platform for cell development. It's easy to remove the ablation cell and stage, allowing the laser and vision system to be supported from the roof of the instrument and mounted on a vertical Z-stage. For supporting very large cells and samples, access to the laser focal point can be unrestricted on three sides; there are also options for increasing the headroom for very tall cells.

Excellent Engineering

With over twenty-five years of experience in DUV laser micromachining, Resonetics is able to customize all of our instruments to suit any special requirements. If you are interested in femtosecond lasers, galvo-scanners, shorter wavelengths or other cutting-edge research projects, please contact us today to discuss how Resonetics can help your research. Contact Details »

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