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ICP-MS integration, large sample holders, powerful software and sophisticated protective options makes a RESOlution instrument your best choice for automated data collection. Read More »

Banded Samples

To achieve superior results on banded samples, a RESOlution instrument offers flexible ablation control, built-in surface cleaning, the all-essential rotating slit module as well as an automated diversion valve. Read More »


If you are interested in mapping then the RESOlution instrument has the features you need, including fast cell response, uniform and stable signal, flexible software and a wide range of spot sizes and shapes. Read More »

Method Development

We believe that the platform provided by a RESOlution instrument is the best choice for LA-ICP-MS research and development. It offers a stable platform, easily accessible optics, active software development, highly advanced cell development and excellent engineering resources. Read More »

Mineral Analysis

For the analysis of mineral samples a RESOlution instrument truly shines: flexible fluence control, variable spot sizes, powerful image importing software and extensive integration with a range of other analytical instruments, all combine to deliver the best results for you. Read More »

Thin Films

Surface analysis of thin films requires exacting specifications, and a RESOlution instrument is able to provide precisely what is required, including large spot sizes, low fluence, flexible shot control and excellent stability. Read More »

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