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Outstanding LA-ICP-MS

Mineral Analysis

Petrology and geochemistry analysis has been greatly expanded by the development of LA-ICP-MS, so mineral analysis has been a primary aim while designing the instrument. As such, you can see that RESOlution instruments are ideally suited for mineral analysis thanks to features like:

Flexible Fluence

Different minerals require different levels of on-sample laser energy (or fluence). To meet this need, RESOlution instruments are able to deliver arbitrarily low (below 1 J.cm-2 if needed) fluence levels without sacrificing stability. Maximum fluence is determined by the choice of laser in the RESOlution instrument, and the -HR and -LR models are able to deliver up to 30 J.cm-2 which is ideally suited to ablating quartz, diamond and other highly-transparent materials. The laser repetition rate is under computer control, and can be set to any value up to the rated maximum for the laser choice to a precision of 0.01 Hz.

Variable Spot Sizes

The RESOlution instrument has a twenty-position motorized mask wheel for selecting a wide range of spot sizes. Read More »

Image Import

The control software (GeoStar) supports advanced imaging features that allow external images to be imported using a special three-point coordination process. Images from any source can be imported, including slide scanner, optical microscope, SEM (BSE, SE, CL) and even X-Ray maps. Read More »

Point Import

LA-ICP-MS is often performed as a complementary technique to others such as optical microscopy, EPMA, µXRF and SIMS. GeoStar can import sets of coordinates from arbitrary sources. This improves laboratory throughput, reduces navigation time, and, by targeting the same points from the microprobe, ensures that the internal standard composition matches correctly. Read More »

Offline Point Definition

GeoStar comes with a freely distributable offline version that allows users to define points and paths on high-resolution sample imagery. The image can then be brought to the laboratory alongside the sample and quickly coordinated, making the points and paths ready to ablate in minutes. Read More »

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