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Mapping by LA-ICP-MS is a relatively new field, but one with incredible potential to provide fascinating insights into a wide range of specimens. Several features of RESOlution instruments make them well suited for this type of work:

Fast Cell Response

As for banded samples, effective mapping relies on fast response from the sample cell. Read More »

Uniform Signal

Some LA-ICP-MS maps can span large areas across the sample, so it is vital that the signal does not vary from place to place within the cell. The proven dual-volume design of the M50 and S155 ensures that mapping can be performed anywhere within the cell. Read More »

Stable Signal

Depending on the sample and ICP-MS, mapping by LA-ICP-MS can take many hours to complete. The electronics, laser, gas system and ablation cell are all designed to provide high levels of stability for mapping. Read More »

Flexible Software

The RESOlution control software, GeoStar, provides a wide range of options to support mapping in different ways. The software allows for the rapid selection of regular areas oriented to the stage at arbitrary angles. In addition to this, it allows the selection of arbitrary polygons. Cleaning support is baked-in, allowing each scan line in the map to be automatically cleaned before the ablation scan. All aspects of the ablation can be customized, including scan pattern, speed, spacing and orientation. Read More »

Square Spots

Because RESOlution instruments employ mask-projection laser optics, this allows complete customization of spot size and shape. Some users choose to use square spots for mapping, as it can help with the data reduction since the resulting image will be displayed using square pixels. Read More »

Feature Image

All of our ablation cells support a range of high-quality sample holders for mounting your specimens. Read More »

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