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Outstanding LA-ICP-MS

Automation and Experimental Throughput

Many laboratories need to achieve the highest possible automated throughput from their LA-ICP-MS laboratory. RESOlution instruments possess many features to achieve this:

Large Sample Cell

The S155 sample cell is large enough to hold up to twenty 25mm (1″) round sample blocks, or up to nine 25 x 50mm (1 x 2″) thin sections. Read More »

Powerful Software

The control software (GeoStar) is designed and tested to support sequences up to five thousand points in length, with no time limitations. Read More »

Flexible ICP-MS Integration

RESOlution instruments are equipped with flexible triggering options to communicate with practically all ICP-MS instruments available. Norris Software and ASI are committed to collaborating with all users and mass spectrometer companies to ensure the best possible level of ICP-MS integration. Read More »

Torch-Out Detector

When ablating critical samples or undertaking long automated sequences, it is vital that the ICP-MS is on and working while the laser is firing. The RESOlution instrument is fitted with an independent device for monitoring the ICP-MS plasma, and will stop ablation if the plasma goes out for any reason during a sequence.

High-Precision Stage

RESOlution instruments are fitted with highly precise stages to ensure stage accuracy is preserved during long sequences.

Remote Access

GeoStar is perfectly compatible with both VNC and Windows Remote Desktop. These two software solutions are free to use and allow remote access to the RESOlution PC, either over a LAN or from further afar. Read More »

Feature Image

The M50A cell provides outstanding analytical abilities. Designed exclusivly by Laurin Technic and based on decades of LA-ICP-MS experience the M50A is widely regarded to be one of the highest-quality laser ablation cells on the market today. Read More »

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